Watch a movie with us

Hey! We have a new podcast idea and would love for you to try out our pilot episode and tell us what you think. The elevator pitch is it’s a movie commentary track with ordinary movie fans (us) in your ear instead of a director. We give you a cue you use to sync up watching the movie on Netflix and the audio of this podcast and, presto, we’re watching a movie together (sort of). 

Step 1 – Cut a hold in a box (kidding). Download the Podcast below. Play it on a device with an earbud or two in.

Step 2 – On a different device (TV works best), get Terminator 2 (currently on Netflix) cue’d up and ready to play.

Step 3 – Play the podcast and listen to the instructions for the countdown and pause the podcast.

Step 4 – Play the movie and when you see the Mario Kassar Presents title card, press play on the podcast again.

Step 5 – Take the survey below anonymously and let us know what you thought. For real. We want to make this good! 


Download pilot

take survey